Project Title Company Internationalization Project

Project Code: NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-020597

Main Objective: Reinforce the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Region of Intervention: North

Beneficiary Entity: Feel Porto - Local Accommodation and Tourist Services, Lda

Date of Approval 2017-02-16

Starting Date: 2017-02-15

Completion Date: 2019-02-14

Total eligible cost: 284.206,68€

Financial support from European Union:€ 127.893,01

Objectives, activities and results to be achieved:

The company defends and presents the following strategic objectives:

  • Present an international turnover of 92% in the post-project year;
  • Present an occupancy rate of 60% in 2018, reaching about 80% in 2020.
  • To be recognized, in the national and international market, as a company of excellence, that provides high quality services;
  • Record a turnover that allows an adequate remuneration of the invested capital, as well as reimburse the incentive within the required period;
  • Present, in 2020, a structure of qualified human resources that will enable it to effectively develop the internationalization strategy of the Company.