First- The amount, previously agreed by both parts, is expressed in detail in the booking confirmation. Once, FEEL PORTO receives the payment of 20% of the total amount of the reservation, will send a temporary confirmation by email, to the email address provided by the GUESTS at the time of booking, the reservation guarantee will not be returned after it has been made the payment. The remaining 80% of the reservation must be paid by the GUESTS at the time of check-in at the apartment. Once the totality of the reservation is paid, FEEL PORTO will deliver to the client the final booking confirmation, together with the keysets of the apartment.

Second- It’s the responsibility of the client to communicate any date or changes of travel, change in the number of occupants or cancellations before the date of the arrival. Meanwhile, FEEL PORTO will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the changes, all requests are always subject to availability. Cancellations must be made free of charge up to 30 days prior to the guest's arrival day. In reservations canceled between 29 and 1 day (s) of arrival date, the cancellation penalty will be applied like each channel where the reservation was made.

Third- Before delivering the apartment keys, the GUESTS must: Pay the amount related to the deposit indicated on the moment of booking. The purpose of the guarantee is to ensure the return of the apartment and its stuffing in the same state in which it was delivered. The guarantee will be returned in full, within 7 days after departure, if the condition of the apartment and its filling is in the same conditions as in the act of delivery.

Fourth- The GUESTS and all the accompanying persons of the reservation, as well as guests accessing the apartment must consider the following aspects: 1) Respect the rest hours of the residents of the building that are between 10pm and 8am. 2) Do not allow any type of party or joining of people that exceeds the limit of occupants of the apartment. In the event of a complaint from neighbors regarding loud music, partying on the property, or if it is necessary to call the police, FEEL PORTO has the right to invite the GUESTS and the accompanying persons to leave the apartment immediately. In this case, the GUESTS will not be entitled to the refund of any amount contracted in the reservation.

Fifth- The GUESTS must facilitate the access to the apartment to FEEL PORTO throughout their stay and must be notified in advance by FEEL PORTO and informed of the actions of maximum necessity that will have to be made before the end of the reservation, for example: some kind of urgent repair, or problems mentioned by the GUEST inside the apartment.

Sixth- THE GUESTS ARE RESPONSIBLE for any damage caused to the apartment or its contents, as well as in the common areas of the building, whether caused by it, by the escorts of the reservation or by any guest of the apartment. FEEL PORTO will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the PERSONAL assets. If the value of the damages or failures in the apartment is greater than the amount of the guarantee, FEEL PORTO has the express authorization of the GUEST to be able to collect the amount necessary to justify the damages, in the credit card that the client specifies in the confirmation sheet of reservation. All sheets and towels are owned by FEEL PORTO and your loss costs € 20 per unit. These items are available for purchase upon request.

Seventh- Conditions of use of the apartment: 1) FEEL PORTO is not responsible for the loss of property, theft or damage of guests' personal belongings. 2) FEEL PORTO is not responsible for the inactivity of the ADSL service if it is operator problems. 3) THE GUESTS agree that, in addition to the guarantee, FEEL PORTO, can charge the lessee € 50 for each set of keys lost or not returned and € 20 for each parking card or set of lost or missing garage keys. 4) The GUEST assumes that the use of the apartment in which he / she will be housed is governed by Decree-Law no. 128/2014, of November 2014 created by the legal regime governing the Local Accommodation.

Eighth- FEEL PORTO has the right to cancel any reservation, if the booked apartment is considered improper for occupancy due to technical failures, natural disasters, riots and acts of God. These cases must be reported immediately, and the customer will receive a full refund. FEEL PORTO will not be responsible for any other costs to the client, resulting from such cancellation.