The Typical Dish of Oporto: The Francesinha

The Typical Dish of Oporto: The FrancesinhaIn addition to its monuments and gardens, Oporto has a very distinctive cuisine. The city has unparalleled dishes, which make them typical. Even cooked elsewhere, it never has the same flavor or texture. The elders say that dishes always have secrets, revealed only to a few, passed from generation to generation. One of the best known is the Francesinha (Frenchie), known across borders and indispensable in a visit to the city.

The Francesinha is present in all local restaurants, from the simplest to the most famous.

It's the most cooked dish in town and the most sought by tourists.

Despite the diminutive name, Francesinha is a well composed dish, with bread, steak, sausage, egg and lots of sauce. Currently, the traditional Francesinha appears lightly changed, us the vegetarian, with no egg, with salad ... adapting to all consumer tastes.

How was assigned the name Francesinha to this typical dish?

The Typical Dish of Oporto: The FrancesinhaThey say the Francesinha was invented by a resident of Oporto, in the sixties, who lived in France for some time. The story goes that the emigrant noticed that all the French girls dressed quite well, with colored clothes and were very sexy and hot, unlike Portuguese girls, dressed in dark colors. Then, this dish would be a tribute to all French women, recreated in a hot, humid, very spicy and robust dish.

There are many recipes of this dish, however, none is complete, missing always the "secret ingredient", the one that only Oporto's citizens know.