The Garden of Cordoaria

The Garden of CordoariaIn the magnificent city of Oporto is possible to find many different places, including gardens where you can relax and breathe fresh air, quietly.

Near the Tower of the Clerics and Old Chain Of Relação, lies one of the nicest - the Garden of Cordoaria. There, you will, undoubtedly, enjoy the quiet and the beauty of living nature.

The Garden of Cordoaria, the old João Chagas Garden, was built in 1865 by the design of the German landscape architect Emile David. After its inauguration, was attended by the entire bourgeoisie of the city and the students of the University of Oporto.

The Garden of Cordoaria

In 1941, a cyclone destroyed the garden, changing completely its romantic appearance, necessitating requalification so that it regained its beauty. There were replanted some plants and trees; settled several statues, benches and a bandstand. Due to its huge variety of species, was considered a botanical garden.

In 2001 it was renovated again, under the Oporto-European Capital of Culture, in a works, coordinated by architect Camilo Courtier, which totally changed its physiognomy.