The Oporto City History

The city of Oporto history has the earliest records in 417. It was given the name because of being an obligatory passage point in the country - the port of Portugal.

In the Middle Ages, after the banks of the Douro river have been reconquered to the Moors, was the capital of Portucale County, from where started the conquest of the territory that is now Portugal.

The city of Oporto was the seat of a bishopric for centuries and one of the most important economic centers of the country, the result also of its port activity. By the sixteenth century, the golden period of the Discoveries, was also here that were built many of the ships that conquered the seas. At the time, D. Henrique, the Infant, born in the city, recognized in all locals the claw and determination on building the ships and also those fueled with meat, leaving only the casings (tripas, in Portuguese)for those who were on the ground. Hence, it is said, the Oporto inhabitants are recognized as Tripeiros.

This magnificent city is bathed by the Douro River, which empties into the Atlantic. Throughout its journey, its margins show rich natural landscapes.

It is one of the most visited cities in the country, having a huge historical heritage that visitors remain on review.