Simultaneous Art Openings in Miguel Bombarda Street

Centro Comercial BombardaSimultaneous Art Openings in Miguel Bombarda Street It's a reference at north. Bombarda Mall is a mall, but is not a shopping center. It is located in the street with the same name and includes a block that is already a reference in the cultural and commercial life in Oporto.

The next edition of Miguel Bombarda Openings Concurrent Contemporary Art already happens Saturday, November 2. As usual, on this day these streets block are filled with people and the art galleries and shops renew themselves and feature new exhibits and new collections, organized in a Cultural Circuit. In association with the gallery owners and shopkeepers associate themselves and promote street shows, performances, DJ's, concerts, with plenty of entertainment guaranteed.

The Cultural Circuit Miguel Bombard includes the following streets: Miguel Bombarda, RosΓ‘rio, Breyner, D.Manuel II and Adolfo Casais Monteiro. It is an excellent opportunity for locals and the many city visitors to know the art exhibitions, while the streets are overrun by artistic interventions, with original and creative performances.

Centro Comercial Bombarda

There also will be disclosed the images conceived by Pedro Guerreiro, graduated in Communication Design and a Masters in Design Image by College of Fine Arts of Oporto. He is the contest winner of the creative design image related to the general issues in Miguel Bombarda Street this year.

Admission is free.

Centro Comercial Bombarda