Sculptor José Rodrigues Foundation

Fundação Escultor José RodriguesIn an almost secret place in the city, in the renovated ruins of the industrial age, is the Sculptor José Rodrigues Foundation.Occupies one part of the Fábrica Social (Social Factory), divided into exhibition halls, multipurpose room, shop and cafe and is a prominent place in the cultural and artistic city panorama.

The Portuguese sculptor José Rodrigues bought, in 2008, the Real Fábrica Social, an old hat factory, where he established he´s foundation, home and workshop. To monetize the space with 5,000 m2, he opened it to other artistic projects. There, are installed the theater companies Visões Úteis e Teatro Bruto, the design and architecture studio The Oportocollective, the atelier Três Ponto (multimedia design and communication), young sculptors, a Course of Photography and the Professional Ballet School.

In its museum, the work of the Master José Rodrigues is preserved and exposed, in a space of access to production and exhibition of new artists projects and works. In its Lugar de Venda (Place of Sale) you’ll find not only pieces of the sculptor, but also children's books with illustrations of his own and others works. In its Cafe, O Lugar dos Sabores (The Place of Flavors), you can enjoy a unique lunch, simple and delicious, surrounded by the work of the master sculptor.

Fundação Escultor José Rodrigues

José Rodrigues (1936) conducted his artistic studies at the School of Fine Arts of Oporto where he finished the Sculpture course. Among his best known works is the Ribeira Square Cube.

Escultor José Rodrigues