Are you ready to feel Porto Fashion Week 2017?

During the most fashionable week in Porto will take place several events related with fashion, new business, technology, cinema, photography and if nothing else the wine.

Either if you have already planned your weekend or not, from September 28th till October 3rd, get ready! Those days will be held the 10th edition of Porto Fashion Week.  This event will be the culmination and celebration of all the different events which can go from technologies to fashion runways.

This is such a great opportunity to enjoy and experience this fantastic city.


Porto Fashion Week 2017 Events

On 28th of September, the event will start at 6:30 p.m. and it will be open till 11:30 p.m. 100 spaces (like clothing stores, footwear, accessories, decoration and design) will be open just for you to experience and feel the wave fashion in the city.

This event is Porto Fashion Week’s Night Out: a great opportunity to get to know downtown Porto, between Sá da Bandeira, Batalha and Boavista Street’s. And remember: the center of this event will be the Clerigo’s Tower with a parade at 10 p.m.

If you are not interested in going shopping, don’t worry! Fashion Film Festival will take place on 29th September. They will promote the best 100 creations made by creators of the Fashion and Audiovisual Industry. The 4th edition of this event will also show an exhibition of what is on fashion at the Copenhagen Fashion Film.

For those who like photography, Porto Fashion People will bring the chance to reveal the best and the most original photography taking with their mobile phones. The subject will be city, trend and fashion. If you are just passing by, you can also participate.

On 3rd and 4th of October, The Customs of Porto will have more than 400 exhibitors from national and international manufacturers of fabrics and accessories for confection. This will be the 50th edition of MODtissimo. Our fashion embassor Olimpia Davide was honored in the 2015 Edition of the PFN Competition.

Also on those dates, at the same place will happen the 10th iTechStyle Innovation Business. The mention event will mix the world of fashion, technology and the creative industry. It looks like it will be such a real true fusion.

Moreover, the Porto Wine Fashion will give the chance to challenge people regarding national and local fashion designers in terms of how to decorate bottles of traditional Port Wine.

The fist edition in Porto of the the Euratex International Convention will be held on October 3rd at Porto Palace. Under the topic: "Be competitive in the new global order", 150 participants will be showing their creations at the European Confederation of the Textile and Clothing Industry.


Galerias Fashion Flats

Now that you know that the schedule of Porto Fashion Week is incredible, it is time to choose the best place to stay. Feel Porto has a special apartment, comfortable and of course, very fashion: Galerias Fashion Flats are located in one of the most historical and well known Porto's streets: Galeria de Paris Street.

From here, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful monuments and attractions of Porto. For instance, Clérigos Tower, Lello Bookshop, Aliados Avenue and, obviously, Porto Fashion Week 2017.