PORT WINE CELLARSDistinguished as one of the top ten destinations in the world for drinking wine, according to the travel website TripAdvisor, Oporto gets a new international prominence.In the Port Wine Cellars across the Douro river, in Vila Nova de Gaia, where farmers keep their secrets, are promoted wine tastings, workshops and served up meals of excellence, accompanied by excellent wines.

Croft Cellars

Since the eighteenth century, Quinta da Roêda is a crucial piece of the Croft Cellars reputation. Considered one of the finest of the Douro Valley, this is the main reason for the prominence of its brand wines. The Croft Cellars offers a wide range of activities to its visitors, as wine tasting and workshops.

Real Companhia Velha Cellars

After celebrating 250 years in 2006, the Real Companhia Velha Cellars is still available to all who seek them. Among the services they offer, highlights the products presentation, events and activities for companies, as well as Ports of Honor.

Ferreira Cellars

Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira (1811-1896) was the matriarch of the Douro that overcame all odds and made her mark in the Port Wine. Nowadays, Ferreira Cellars offers two types of visit: the classic one, which includes Port Wine tastings, and the Dona Antónia Visit, which includes a visit to the Hall of D. Antónia Ferreira Belongings and the Ferreira Museum.


In the historic heart of Vila Nova de Gaia, the Taylor's Cellars are a must, with the possibility to enjoy a unique panoramic view over the city of Oporto. Its Cellars promote Port Wine tastings, workshops and a renowned restaurant, Barão Fladgate.


The Sandeman Cellars can be visited in the company of a professional team, dressed in the cloak of Portuguese university students, guiding and sharing with visitors the history of Port Wine. The 1790´s Tour includes a wine tasting in a placeholder.


Prominent character in the history of Port Wine, Joseph James Forrester, allowed the internationalization of Offley Cellars. Visits pass for an explanation of the Port Wine history, while they go through the aging casks. Visit the Baron of Forrester, more intimate, encompasses a larger selection of Port to taste on a reserved area.


With a new visitors center, created in 2012, Churchill's Cellars allow visitors a more intimate knowledge of the Douro wines. The space also provides cooking classes, seeking the perfect symbiosis between the Port Wine and food.

Ramos Pinto

The Ramos Pinto Cellars provide visitors a Port tasting at the end of each visit. It also has a museum, where is exposed a unique art collection related to the Port Wine.


Located in a prime location with a magnificent look over the historic center of Oporto, the Graham's Cellars allow four types of requests: a guided tour, the Old Tawny Visit, the Precious Ruby Visit  and the Vintage Tour.


Producing a Port of excellence, since 1859, in Cálem Cellars the view ends with a wine tasting. Before bidding them farewell, the space invites to a glass of Port on the Cálem, overlooking the riverside areas of Vila Nova de Gaia and Oporto.