Palmilha Dentada Theatre

"Empreendedoriza-te" | Teatro da Palmilha Dentada | Porto "First it was the silence. Then, there was light. Later, the sea opened and Rome burned. Things rushed when someone invented the clip. The pacifist was killed and the king himself died. A little later, appears the Palmilha Dentada Theatre. Briefly. "

(The Palmilha Dentada Theatre)

It is one of the most active theatre companies in Oporto.

The Palmilha Dentada Theatre was founded in 2001 and has presented nearly two dozen artistic productions, directing their work especially for the Café-theater, room theater, street theater and radio.

The company produces its own texts and is committed to develop its work with young professionals.

Its performances evolve between dialogues and songs with humor, irony, satire and scathing criticism, covering a wide spectrum of characters and situations. Ricardo Alves, 49, is its director since its founding. He also signs the texts and stagings of most pieces.

The next show – Entrepreneurship Yourself – will premiere at Carlos Alberto Theatre, in Oporto, on September 12. "Entrepreneurship Yourself is a current show. If Christians gave the fish and called it charity, Marxists wanted to give the fishing rod and said that the important thing was to dominate the means of production, as liberals teach you the proverb and call it entrepreneurshipzation . The problem is that there are many ways to entrepreneurship yourself, and at a time when the speeches of those who govern are increasingly coded, so that the average Portuguese do not lose sleep if not suicide, it had to be a survival guide for the XXI century. In the tradition of "The art of riding across the saddle" and "Letter guide for married people", the Palmilha Dentada brings you useful theater that will teach you the essentials to live happily without Xanax. "(The Palmilha Dentada Theatre)