What to pack for your holiday in Porto

So you are staying in one of FeelPorto’s apartments and you are not sure what to pack? holiday-packing-list

Don’t worry anymore; we will give you some tips :)

Whether you are traveling by car, plane, train or boat there are some things that are mandatory if you want to enjoy the city 100%.

Luggage and bags: Day bag for carrying your camera, guide book or map and water. Remember, Porto is a beautiful city with lots to film and photograph so if you have spare batteries and memory cards don’t forget to bring them.

Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear:  Travel light! Porto has lots of hills and some streets are very steep and the pavement is sometimes uneven! Flat comfortable shoes are always a good idea as well as a basic raining kit: waterproof jacket umbrella and hat, mainly if you are not coming during summer.  The best thing to do is to come prepared for all kind of weather so wear layers and not one single heavy piece of clothing.


Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Porto has plenty of supermarkets and pharmacies and some of them have a delivery service. Carry only essentially or prescribed medication. Sunscreen is advised even if you come on spring or autumn.

Documents – Whether it is a passport or a simple boarding pass, it is advised that every person traveling with you has a photocopy of all the documents needed in case you lose them.

Passports / ID: Don’t forget to check if you know where your passport is and if it is still valid mainly if you are from outside the European Union. If you live in the European Community and you don’t have a passport or you don’t want to bring it with you it is advised to bring any king of government issued photo ID (official country ID or Driver’s License).

Insurance: Although it is not mandatory it is always better to have insurance when you go on vacation. If you are an European traveling inside Europe don’t forget to ask for you free European Health Card. It allows you to get any health care for a reduced price (sometimes free) anywhere inside the European Union.


Quick tips:

-          Always plan to pack the minimum

-          Wear all your heavy clothes (if you have) during the flight / journey to your destination

Bring all the toiletry products you need in mini containers (up to 100 ml). Usually amenities cases from other hotels/apartments you have been before.