Optimus D’Bandada 2013 September 14th

Optimus D'Bandada 2013One of the most awaited events in Oporto is coming. The Optimus D'Bandada, on 14 September, will invade the city with music, involving people, houses, bars, shops and streets, emphasising its best. All are invited to create their own schedule and join this music celebration.

This third edition agenda features the work of 40 bands and musical projects in 15 different areas of the city in 50 completely free concerts, which will begin at 15:00 and will continue later into the night.

The event unravels already some news to happen in of the most emblematic places of the city, such as António Zambujo and Best Youth concerts at the Praça dos Leões (Lions Square).

During the afternoon, four bands will not rest and will perform in several central streets and will carry a musical marathon, in a Lovers & Lollypops production. The show will run with no breaks in which the bands will mingle among them in a non-stop concert.

The Fenianos Portuenses Club, a mythical space of the city, was adopted as D’Bandada headquarters, which will show up Miguel Araújo and Samuel Úria concerts. There it will also be installed the artists living and the media room.

The stage dedicated to jazz has partnered with the international reference label Clean Feed.

The program includes a traditional Portuguese music stage, in charge of Tiago Pereira, responsible for the "Give me two old ladies, I’ll give you the universe" compilation (edited by Optimus Discos) and the "Portuguese Music Enjoying Itself "project.

As a central part of the day there will also stand out the latest Optimus Discos editions bands performances. This year, will feature names like Blaya, Tape Junk, Ciclo Preparatório, Voxels, Awsum, Little Friend, Peter Puppe, Ninja Kore, among others.

The Optimus D'Bandada is organized by Optimus, in partnership with the Oporto City Council, for the third year.

The performances will extend until dawn and you should arrive early to secure a place.Alpha



LOCATION: PRAÇA DOS LEÕES One of the most emblematic squares of the city, between Carlos Alberto Square and Piolho Café. 21h00 - 22h00 Best Youth Oporto indie rock duo, composed by Ed Rocha Catarina Gonçalves and Salinas.

22h30 - 23h30 António Zambujo António Zambujo’s work is praised worldwide. From the Alentejo region, he keeps filling national and international theaters. LOCATION: ARMAZÉM DO CHÁ (TEA WAREHOUSE) José Falcão Street, 180 It is situated in the middle downtown, in a XIX century building . With three floors, the Armazém do Chá is splitted into different areas: living room with comfortable sofas, coffee and tea shop, light meal area and wine bar. 23h00 - 00h00 Awsum The Sky Raez producer project (soul and r & b).

00:00 - 01:00 Blaya The Buraka Som Sistema dancer and MC on stage, presents her R & B project.

02:00 - 03:00 Ninja Kore Five masked feature their multi artistic project. Their main platform is the electronic music production, aligning digital to analog and acoustic instruments to machines.


LOCATION : ONCE UPON A TIME IN PARIS Galerias Paris 22h00 - 23h00 Rosemary Baby Bruno Rosmaninho writes rock and folk songs: David Neto on bass , Afonso Lizard on guitar and Johnny Dynamite on drums.

23h30 - 00h30 Ciclo Preparatório Pop special choir with Pape, Graça, Sebastien, Consolação, Benedita and Constança.

01:00 - 02:00 Junk tape It is the latest João Correia´s original work , better known as the lead singer of Julie & The Carjackers and various artists drummer, such as Márcia , Frankie Chavez or Walter Benjamin . João Correia will be escorted by Nuno Lucas on bass and António Vasconcelos on drums.


LOCATION: PASSEIO DAS VIRTUES Location with stunning panoramic views over the Pavilhão Rosa Mota, the Douro River, Vila Nova de Gaia Gaia and Miragaia. 20h00 - 21h00 Gisela João This fado singer is appointed by Camané as the great musical 2013 revelation.


LOCATION: CAFÉ LUSITANO José Falcão Street, 137 Housed in a spacious place that was a grain store and a printing press, this space preserves some of the original interior details and has an eclectic decor that evokes the tradition of historic cafes of Oporto. 23h00 - 23h45 Pedro Sousa and Gabriel Ferrandini Gabriel Ferrandini (drums) and Pedro Sousa (saxophone).

00:00 - 01:00 Red Trio A jazz band: piano (Rodrigo Pinheiro), bass (Hernâni Faustino) and drums (Gabriel Ferrandini) .

DJ Clean Feed 01:00 - 02:00 Clean Feed contemporary jazz and author publisher with a global worldwide artist distribution. It has been considered one of the world’s best publishers by newspapers, magazines and websites around the world. LOCATION: RADIO BAR Filipa de Lancaster Street, 178 23H00 - 00H00 Ermo Raw poetry sounds.

23h00 - 00h00 The Weatherman Pop songwriter.

00:00 - O1:00 JP Simões The singer-songwriter has just released his third solo album "Roma". It is now considered by many as his best work, traveling through the Afro -Beat Glam Rock, Jazz and Samba. LOCATION: ANDREW HOWARD BALCONY STUDIO Santa Teresa Street, 2 The British graphic designer Andrew Howard balcony studio facing Cândido dos Reis Street. 00:30 - 02:00 Voxels Disco House and Funky by Pedro and Pedro.


LOCATION: CLUBE FENIANOS PORTUENSE Cluebe Fenianos Street 16h00 - 17h00 Miguel Araújo It is considered one of the present most talented songwriters and artists and presents the acclaimed album "Cinco dias e meio".

22h00 - 23h00 Peter Puppe He is the author and composer of MIUDA EP (2012) and prepares his 2013 first solo album.

23h15 - 00h15 Little Friend It is the John Adams project, musician and writer born in London. Folk and pop influenced music.

00:30 - 01:30 Samuel Úria He will present himself in a solo concert.


LOCATION: CORDOARIA BAND STAND It is in the Cordoaria gardens, between Piolho Café and Cadeia da Relação. 21h00 - 22h00 Xungaria no Céu

22h15 - 23h15 Nicotine 's Orchestra

23:30 - 00h30 Expeão Rap rhyming with rock.


LOCATION: CLÉRIGOS TOWER BALCONY Is the rear exit of the Clérigos Church, facing the Cadeia da Relação . 22:00 - 2:00

22h00 - 22h40 Ecos Tradicionais Cláudia and Inês sing traditional love songs a cappella .

22h40 - 22h45 » 23.30 - 23.35 » 00.05 - 00.10 » 00h30 - 00h35 Sampladélicos Recorded Portuguese sounds from all over the country: voices, tambourines, drums, flutes, ukuleles, sirens… Sílvio Pereira and Tiago Rosado mix Portugal sounds and images.

22h45 - 23h30 Lavoisier Roberto Afonso and Patrícia Relvas and their project to retrieve, process and disseminate popular music.

23h20 - 23h50 Pedro Mestre Alentejo region traditional music (viola).

23h55 - 00h15 Própagode Musical group that publishes the Amarantina viola (Amarante region).

00h20 - 0h55 Re Timbrar A musical group from Oporto with 14 musicians , with a work produced around the exploration of traditional Portuguese rhythms.

01:00 - 02:00 Omiri Tiago Pereira collection of pictures and sounds transformed and manipulated in real time.


LOCATION: CAFÉ AU LAIT Galeria de Paris Street, 46 It is one of the downtown reference bars in Oporto. 17h00 - 18h00 Cangarra Cláudio Fernandes (guitar) and Ricardo Martins (drums) between punk and jazz.

18h00 - 19h00 Lydia 's Sleep Formed by Diogo Sousa, Luís Lucena, Iuri Silva and Zé Quintino (math- Rock , post- hardcore and post-rock).

22h00 - 23h00 Equations Victor, Bruno, Gonçalo, Zézé and Zé Pedro (math- rock).

23h00 - 00h00 Necromant Ricardo Remédio e Victor Barros in house rhythms.

00:00 - 01:00 Coronado Sound System STREET RELAY LOCATION: + PLANO B Cândido dos Reis Street, 30 It is a meeting point in one of the liveliest downtown streets with art exhibitions, design, architecture, music concerts and live DJ.

RELAY BANDS (By Lovers & Lollypops, Oporto producer, promoter and publisher) 18h00 - 19h35 The RELAY is a bands overnight marathon in Plano B. It will operate in a semi -acoustic format: the first band begins to play in a location to be determined, moving to where the second band started.

18.00 Miguel Bombard Street with Cedofeita Street > Leões Square The Glockenwise Garage- rock quartet from Barcelos region.

18h25 Leões Square > Clérigos Tower NACO Miguel Ramos shows his compositions with a strong connection to the seventh art .

18h50 Clérigos Tower > Cândido dos Reis Street (opposite to the Plano B) Jibóia

19:15 Cândido dos Reis Street (opposite to the Plano B) The Shine African beat, zouk, kuduro, dance, rockuduro.


LOCATION: CASA DO LIVRO (BOOK HOUSE) Galeria de Paris Street, 85 Was once a known bookstore. It is a bar that has inherited the name of the old house with books spread through several rooms. 00:00 - 01:00 Guta Naki Nuno, Cátia and Dinis in urban songs.

01:00 - 02:00 PZ


LOCATION: VITÓRIA VIEWPOINT Bataria da Vitória Street Viewpoint with a wide view over the historic center of Oporto and Vila Nova de Gaia 19h00 - 20h00 Social Disco Club Humberto Matias is Social Disco Club and is considered the greatest exponent of disc culture in Portugal .


LOCATION: AVIZ CAFÉ Aviz Street 23:30 - 01:00 CAPICUA - " Língua Franca " CAPICUA is a rapper born in Oporto. The "Língua Franca" project invites guests to say lyrics in Portuguese.


LOCATION: MISS'OPO Caldeireiros Street , 100 It is a guesthouse bet on culture and which also as a restaurant. 17h00 - 18h00 Old Jerusalem

18h10 - 19h10 Stereoboy Luís Salgado personnel project with Sofia Riscado. Pop electronic music .

19h00 -20h00 Long Way to Alaska

20h00 Blac Koyote (DJ Set)


LOCATION: AXA BUILDING Aliados Avenue 16h00 - 00h00 The AXA building has been scenario of several exhibitions, performances, concerts, dance and theater, music and other performances.

16h00 - 24h00 Dj's Non Stop

17h00 - 23h00 Erva Daninha

19h00 -20h00 The Walk Neck

21.30 Acusmáticos Concerts

22h00 Hugo Soares and John Giant / Rui Lima & Sérgio Martins