Numismatic Office of Oporto

Gabinete de Numismática do PortoLocated in the Palace of the Balsemão Viscounts, the Numismatic Cabinet of Oporto has one of the most important and complete collections in the country, representing a fundamental role in the study of Greek, Roman, Hispanic, Arabic and Portuguese numismatic. Its collections incorporate coins, medals, awards, policies, ballots, bank notes, tokens, medal dies and bank notes printing plates. Its origins date back to the Allen Museum medalist, founded in 1835 by John Francis Allen (1781-1848), an Oporto resident and British descent dealer. As a private institution, he intended to display in the museum Natural History and Epigraphy Art collections and other forms of collecting. It was founded by Allen, whose collection of pieces of art was at the time considered the best private collection in the country.

Installed on Restauração Street, it was acquired by the city council in 1850 and incorporated in the Municipal Museum of Oporto, installed in the building of the Municipal Public Library (former St. António Convent), where it was exposed between 1905 and 1937. Later, between 1942 and the decade 60, was transferred to the National Museum Soares dos Reis, incorporating its historical collection. Then, it was moved to the Casa Tait, until 2009. Currently it is in Carlos Alberto Plaza and entrance is free.

It is closed on weekends and public holidays.