Northern Portugal Gastronomy

Gastronomia do Norte cataplanaThe northern cuisine is the most diverse in the country. On the coast, it benefits from the fish and the seafood from the Atlantic coast; in the interior, from the river fish, meat and sausages. In this ocean of history, the cuisine takes you tender fish cooked respecting traditions and flavors. In the auctions of the north, when the summer is announced, “live” sardines invade popular festivals and evenings by the sea. The farewell to the sun is also toasted with shellfish harvested in the sea at dawn. Rock barnacles, shells, crabs and shrimp, accompanied by a “verde” wine from the region forgives the long winters. The horse mackerel, mackerel, sole, sea bream... the sea offers a great and unique variety of flavors.

From the coast to the interior, in the course of the rivers, in the sense of its origins, nature is generous in species. Generous is also the nature of the inhabitants of its banks, their laborious nature and knowledgeable of flavors. The lamprey is eagerly received in the spring; in the summer, the silver barb and shad are served fried, under the vine.


Gastronomia do Norte lampreia

By the hills of the north, is presented what is produced in the region by farmers and shepherds. Sausages accompanies the Tripas à Moda do Porto, the Portuguese stew and the Rojoadas. The ancestral knowledge refines the flavors of hams, sausages and Alheira de Mirandela. The fresh pastures soften the mirandesa chunks. The forests uncovers the boar and the partridge. All accompanied by local olive oil and aromatic herbs. The artisan cheeses stimulate the appetite and the imagination, accompanied by traditional bread and the region wines.

Gastronomia do Norte alheiras-de-mirandela_1 Gastronomia do Norte alheiras de mirandela

From the monasteries come unique sweets: puddings like Toucinho do Céu (Bacon from Heaven), Abade de Priscos (Priscos Abbot), the Teixeira biscuits, jams and honey... The variety of fruits completes the bouquet of flavors, washed down by a glass of port, the liqueurs and spirits produced in the region.

Gastronomia do Norte abadepriscos