Museum of the Electric Car

Oporto Museum of the Electric CarThe Museum of the Electric Car is the liveliest museum in Oporto. Some of their cars still run around the city, providing passengers emotional trips to a past as present in the city. It was inaugurated in 1992 with the purpose of preserving and boosting a collection of electric cars of great historical value and heritage. It grew collecting species and artifacts illustrative and representative of the history and development of urban public transport rail city.

Since several years ago that gives its audiences a chance to enjoy enriching experiences, such as studying and observing more deeply their collections.

Oporto Museum of the Electric Car

There, you can find various objects whose provenance - collecting stations and stations of production of electricity, uniforms and variety of tickets - which helps to tell its story, since 1871.

It features store and cafeteria and is housed in the old Thermoelectric Central of Massarelos, which was built with the goal of producing energy to power the electric-drive vehicles circulating in the city.

The Museum still offers several thematic tours, such as Trips to the Fado, where passengers can hear singing fado alive, while run on rails, through the marginal, sipping a glass of Oporto Wine.