Manuel Laranjeira physician and writer

Manuel LaranjeiraManuel Laranjeira was a physician and a writer. Playwright, fiction, essays, lectures, poetry and political studies, philosophy and religion, his literary activity began early, still a student, as a chronicler in various periodicals of the time. He was a friend and correspondent of several prominent intellectual figures, among them the painter Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, with whom he shared several ideas, and the Spanish poet and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno, friendships that left a vast political and philosophical literary correspondence.

With an encyclopedic knowledge and a large literary and artistic culture, Manuel Laranjeira had a biting and forceful spirit.

He was born in Mozelos, municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, in 1877. Aged 21 he settled in Espinho and enrolled in the Oporto Medical-Surgical School, starting the Medicine course. He graduated in 1904 and developed social and political interventions.

He traveled to Paris where he met Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso. Manuel Laranjeira was one of the first to recognize, through the drawings that his friend sent him, the artistic quality of Amadeo, referring to him, still as a student in Paris, as "an artist at the absolute meaning of the term."

In 1908 he met Miguel de Unamuno in Espinho. It is extensive his correspondence (all of it published and compiled) with Unamuno, João de Barros, António Patrício, Afonso Lopes Vieira, Teixeira de Pascoaes, Teófilo Braga, Ramalho Ortigão, Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, among others.

However, at the age of 34, he felt the effects of a disease – nervous syphilis.

Disillusioned with the political ineptitude and lack of cultural incentives in national daily, had several depressions and his life oscillated between pleasure and deep sadness and boredom. In the late afternoon of February 22, 1912, bedridden, depressed and desperate with the disease, he committed suicide with a gunshot to the head.

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