Guarany Cafe

Guarany CafeWhen visiting the city of Oporto is important to know every corner, all the places that characterize this historic city worth every second that pass in it. It is also important to travel in time, through the monuments and places thought to rest and leisure visitors, such as the Guarany Cafe. This wonderful cafe was founded on January 29, in 1933, the architect RogΓ©rio de Azevedo as a decorator and Henrique Moreira as sculptor.

The Guarany was opened by the time the Allies Avenue, where it is located, was in high. With a very unique style, its location helped that all the people who attended were select, influential intellectuals and businessmen.

Upon its restoration, Guarany Cafe remained true to its original style.

In addition to being a fine and unforgettable cafe, serves up a wonderful restaurant, with a menu of excellent quality. It is a very reputable restaurant, and a location that you cannot fail on a visit to Oporto.

The Guarany Cafe is also a place with open doors to the arts, not passing up a good opportunity to showcase the best: good food, relaxation, art of its decor and good music.