FITEI - International Theatre Festival of Iberian Expression

FITEI - International Theatre Festival of Iberian Expression | PortoCelebrating the 36th edition, the FITEI - International Theatre Festival of Iberian Expression, one of the largest events dedicated to Portuguese arts, is back in the city of Oporto, from 29 May to 10 June. This year, among several innovations, stands out the presentation to the public of some of the best parts of the Brazilian theater, as part of the celebrations of the Year of Brazil in Portugal.

The FITEI takes place at Oporto since 1978 and is the oldest international theater festival in the country. In order to publicize theatrical creations that aim to foster the creation and formation of new audiences, has been increasingly include foreign shows. Besides the countries of Portuguese official language, have participated Spanish and Latin American theater groups, in order to restore and enhance the Iberian cultural and artistic exchanges worldwide.

The FITEI has been a vehicle for the dissemination of new artistic languages, within the performing arts and contemporary art. Parallel to the festival, it promotes a program of activities such as exhibitions, seminars, debates, launch and promotion of books.

For two weeks, the cultural Oporto grows and spreads new performative visions.