Douro´s Rentrée

Rentrée no Douro Douro´s Rentrée

Holidays finished and emptiness almost guess itself in the big city at north.

Wrong. The sun was hot and promising in townsmen new projects. It is an evidence that Autumn provides cosiness crowds, more reserved, more eclectic.

The electoral period postpones decisions, but the harvest will be plentiful. The harvests are in full and in Douro the sun is beautiful than ever. It flavored the castes and painted wines in new colors; increased thirsty to enjoy it in closing the September warm days. The river, that one guards and washes the nostalgic memories...

By terraces, bars and wineries, the wines company reveals the always unexpected smoked meat flavors, closely guarded in secret recipes and ancestral rituals. The long days nostalgia is replaced by indoors enclosed sounds in magical places that Oporto insists on multiplying. The soul of its people provides it.

Through northern concert halls new musical projects and plays are prepared, and the visual arts find new looks in multiplied open spaces in cities and villages. The northern people never leave the longing of exceptional vintages ... Follow them on Feel Porto... Because Porto is beautiful.

Rentrée no Douro