Douro River

Douro River | Destinations | Feel PortoThe Douro River is one of the largest in the Iberian Peninsula. Born in Spain, in the province of Soria, it extends for 938 kilometers, of which 200 are in Portuguese territory, making it the third longest river in the whole peninsula.

Its name, derived from the term Celtic dur (water) or the Latin duris (hard) entitled the river course along steep slopes.

In 2001, UNESCO included the Alto Douro Wine Region, along the Douro River, in the list of world heritage sites, particularly in the category of cultural landscape.

Tourism on the Douro River

Apart from its history, the region is known for the strong connection to tourism in the North of the country. In its stunning landscapes, are distributed solar and farmhouses, making it an excellent holiday destination.

It is impossible to see the end of its landscapes, so heterogeneous, so sweet and wild, filled with its terraced vineyards and natural wild vegetation that fills the whole horizon.

It is possible to know the entire area by car, following the water flow through towns and villages with stories that overwhelms tourists.

Its population is very hospitable, welcoming tourists with open arms, telling them stories and legends that make this area one of the most popular nationwide.

It is also possible to visit the Douro River and its margins train snaking along the banks.

owever, is on board of the cruise company Douro Azul that most tourists know the area, breathing the river odors and enjoying an excellent service, all for an attractive price, taking into account the its quality.

For the more adventurous, travel by hot air balloon is an excellent option, allowing to see and appreciate every magical landscape contour.

The Douro River and its banks is a region of stories, legends and culture that specialized companies and associations shows in fun and radical activities in several sections.

Its festivals are also very popular, with unique features that highlight the region.