Douro´s Lamprey

Douro´s LampreyDouro´s Lamprey You love it or you hate it. And who appreciates the lamprey, cannot resist travelling long distances to enjoy it along their natural habitat.

From January to April, Lamprey Routes proliferate on the Douro’s banks, giving its admirers dishes and beautiful scenery.

Lamprey soup, stewed Lamprey, bean stew Lamprey, Lamprey rice, Bordelaise ... there are many proposals for its cooking and there is not a good fork that can resist it, in unique restaurants with Douro river or its tributaries as company.

The lamprey is a fish highly prized in northern cuisine and the best known spices is the sea lamprey. It is a migratory species that lives in the sea but at the time of reproduction, during the spring, up the rivers to spawn. In the adult state, its length varies from 60 to 75 cm, although they can reach one meter to measure and weigh 1.5 Kg. Ancient Romans developed places prepared for its culture..

In Portugal, the lamprey is abundant but some populations are in decline due to overfishing that has been targeted, as well as the destruction of spawning and growth and poaching. It is, therefore, an endangered species, with the international conservation status of "Vulnerable", which means it is a protected species, depending its survival on the successful implementation of measures of protection and conservation.

 Douro´s Lamprey