Douro International Jazz Festival

Douro JazzThe Douro International Jazz Festival continues this year "on wheels" by circulating the music by the Douro region in an edition which starts on Saturday and is headlining the American Seamus Blake,  as the organization has announced on Monday. This festival, which is co-organized by the theaters of Vila Real, Bragança and Lamego, features 14 concerts and over 15 stage performances in the streets and in schools. Is the formation "Douro Jazz Band Marchinh" that will circulate the "Dixieland" and release "On Wheels".

The idea is to circulate the jazz music oldest demarcated region in the world, which is in full harvest. The musicians act upon a truck that runs some localities in the region. Then there are also sessions for the younger public under "The Douro Jazz In Schools".

According to the organization announced today, Seamus Blake, he considers to be the "most influential American jazz musicians of the last decade," is the headline of this 10th edition of the festival. This American saxophonist will be the guest of the Quartet of Filipe Melo and Bruno Santos, which in association with the Douro Jazz, was created a few years ago in order to accompany jazz legends who travel to Portugal and, in particular, to this festival.

Some of the musicians going on stage will be the Greek Spyros Manesis, who will get together a Lithuanian drummer and a Portuguese bassist, and in Hurricane there will be the saxophonist Rodrigo Amado who will join the young drummer Gabriel Ferrandini and DJ Ride.

The sextet LA New Mainstream meets the German composer and trombonist Lars Arens and five Portuguese jazz musicians, in the meantime Isabel Ventura Quartet brings a trumpeter invited to present the first solo album of the singer.

The program also includes performances by the British Mike Dawes and 4 For Jazz, a formation of Vila Real, which interprets the American songbook songs with room for improvisation. Alongside the concert, Filipe Melo’s quartet will also provide a masterclasse for local musicians.

The festival ends on October 12.

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