Codfish by Gomes de Sá

Codfish by "Gomes de Sá"Codfish by Gomes de Sá is already a typical dish from the north and is named after its creator, José Luís de Sá Gomes Júnior. Its traditional recipe proposes that the codfish is cut into small chips marinated in milk for more than one hour. Then, it is baked in the oven with olive oil, garlic, onions, accompanied by black olives, parsley and boiled eggs. It should be served hot, very hot.

Gomes de Sá, abbreviating his name, was born in Oporto on February, 1851. Codfish dealer, hosted his business in a warehouse in the Bacalhoeiros Street, in Ribeira of Oporto. In this manuscript recipe that dates from the beginning of the twentieth century and left to a friend that worked as a cooker in restaurant Lisbonense, in Oporto, reads: "João, if you change anything in this recipe, it is not capable."

Codfish by "Gomes de Sá"It was one of the finalist dishes to the 7 Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy.

The codfish has great importance in the regional cuisine of Oporto, where was the one that is considered the first square of codfish in the world. This prominent position is due not only to its geographical location, but also to the stylish French cuisine that, in the nineteenth century, settled on the tables of rich families from the province and especially from the north.