Church of S. Martin Cedofeita

It is also known as the Romanesque Church of Cedofeita and considered the oldest in Oporto.

Without knowing exactly when the original has been built, the St. Martinho da Cedofeita Church may be a remnant of a Swabian village that was located in Cedofeita in the sixth century.

Consecrated to St. Martin, this religious building as, at the stone of the tympanum of the main portal, a copy, recorded in 1767, stating the foundation of the original monastery, assigning it to the sixth century and to the patronage of Swabian King Theodomir, and consecrated by the Archbishop of Braga. Legend says that the king Theodomir, desperate because couldnยดt found no cure for the illness of his son, appealed to St. Martin of Tours , sending to that city ambassadors with offers of silver and gold equal to the weight of his child . It turned out to be the bishop of Braga, Saint Martin of Dume, to bearer a relic of St. Martin of Tours. At the exposure of the King's son to the relic, he was healed, and all the Swabian people present converted to Catholicism. This relic is kept in this church, along with others of the evangelizer of the Swabians, the bishop of Braga and Dume. Theodomir ordered then the construction of a new church in honor of the patron saint.

The church has undergone successive transformations, acquiring a romantic dash when it was erected on the same place of the Cedofeita Monastery, in the early twelfth century. It has undergone successive transformations and, in the eighteenth century, acquired the design we see today.