Chapel of Souls "Capela das Almas"

Chapel of SoulsThe Chapel of Souls - "Capela das Almas", also known as the Chapel of Santa Catarina, is tiled, depicting religious scenes. It can be visited in the parish of St. Ildefonso, in the center of downtown, between Santa Catarina and Fernandes Tomás Streets.

It was built in the early eighteenth century, being a chapel with a very simplistic architecture which, at first glance, does not reveal the antiquity of its history. In the twentieth century, in the late twenties, the entire exterior of the chapel was covered with tiles depicting the lives of two saints worshiped in the chapel – St.Francis of Assisi and St. Catarina. It is covered with 15,947 tiles, spread over 360 square meters of walls, authored by Eduardo Leite.

Barely enters the Chapel of Souls, it is easy to see that all of it was thought with detail. There, all the saints images are recent and modern, unlike the image of Our Lady of Souls, dating from the eighteenth century. In the main façade, is displayed a stained glass, representing the souls.

Capela-Das-Almas-interiorIn the main façade opens up, in the middle, a door, superiorly framed and finished by a circular pediment. At the same threading there is a big window, also topped superiorly by a circular pediment. At the tympanum, in broad pediment, is fixed up a coat of arms. At the cornice extremes there are two urns and, at the center, a stone cross. Left, separated by a pilaster, stands the bell tower, on two floors. The first one has a door at the center, with a small window on its threading; in the second, four windows bell surmounted by a balcony, with pyramids in the corners. The dome is topped by an iron cross.