Bolhão Market

Bolhão Market exteriorThe Bolhão Market is one of the most emblematic markets of Portugal and was classified as a Public Interest in 2006. With a unique structure and two floors, its architecture is characterized as neoclassical.

Outwardly, the market is divided into a large number of clothing stores, coffee shops, perfumeries, etc., focused on the four streets that delimit it: Fernandes Tomás, north; Alexandre Braga, east; Formosa, south, and Sá da Bandeira, on the west. Around it are located the city delicatessens, such as the "Casa Chinesa ", "Casa Transmontana" and "Pérola do Bolhão."

The Bolhão Market is devoted to fresh produce, especially food. Vendors are divided into different sections, particularly in the area of fishmongers, butchers, vegetable and floral.

Its origins goes back to 1839, when the city council decided to build a plaza on the land acquired. In that place there was an extensive marsh, traversed by a brook that there formed a bubble of water, which resulted in the name of market Bolhão (big bubble).

The building dates from 1914 and was treated for a work of avant-garde for its time, because of the use of reinforced concrete structures in conjunction with metal, wood and stone roofs of granite.

 Bolhão Market interior