Boavista Urban Circuit

As the name indicates, the Boavista Urban Circuit is a street circuit car.

It is played every two years – the Oporto Historic Grand Prix, as the WTCC World Touring Cars Championship FIA (International Automobile Federation).

It was created in 1931 and was redesigned in 1950. However, between 1960 and 2005, this circuit has been completely abandoned and was revived in 2005 by the city council.

History of the Boavista Circuit

Since the 20s that take place motorsport in the city of Oporto. However, only in 1931 was performed the first official circuit named Boavista Circuit. It gained its name because the two straight side bands in Avenida da Boavista, joined by two curves.

In the following years, the race was won by anyone who could travel more miles in a fixed time, in that case, in 90 minutes.

In 1950 it was a huge surprise for the participants and lovers of the sport. A new path had been traced, with 7775 meters, due to the inclusion of new streets. Also at this time, the Automobile Club of Portugal (ACP) allowed the circuit was carried out by international competitors, opening horizons for its participants.

The first international circuit was held on June, named Oporto International Circuit, and was an international huge success, forcing the organization to carry out new circuits.

In 1958, Formula 1 arrived in Portugal, making this circuit increasingly used for national and international competitions, with much success. About 100 000 people watched the race.

During 45 years the circuit was completely inactive. In 2005 the city council of Oporto invested in new structures, replacing it in operation with the Oporto Historic Grand Prix, which was attended by car riders who participated in the race in the past. Since that time it's performed every two years, keeping the circuit active and getting new car riders from around the world, leaving viewers amazed at the spectacle. In 2013, will take place over a Grand Prix History of Porto, between 21 and 23 June, a must for all those who love the sport.