Aniki Bobo

Aniki Bóbó | Eduardo and Carlitos | OportoAniki Bobo is a 1942 Portuguese film, directed by Manoel de Oliveira, and one of the most tender looks over Oporto. 71 years passed since of the premiere of the first director’s feature film, which can already be seen on DVD, in a restored copy. Inserted in the DVD is also the first Oliveira’s film, the avant-garde Douro Faina Fluvial, (1931, with original music by Luis Freitas Branco), and the documentary Famalicão that Oliveira directed in 1940, featuring the director in a conversation with the children actors that interpreted Carlitos and Teresa, the TV documentary of the 50 years of the premiere of the film and also an extensive photo gallery.

Taking into account the international dimension of Oliveira, the DVD is subtitled in English and French.

Aniki Bóbó | A film by Manoel de OliveiraThe film illustrates children adventures and loves in the city. Adapted from The Millionaires Boys, of the writer and lawyer João Rodrigues de Freitas (1908-1976), was produced by Lopes Ribeiro. It tells the adventures of a group of children on the streets of Oporto, where they play cops and robbers and Aniki Bobo game. One of the kids, Carlitos, steals a doll to please the girl he fell in love with, Teresa, arousing jealousy in a bully classmate.

The film follows the riverside area of Oporto, and has a poetic dimension that we feel the need to return regularly.